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Druif Dornfelder 20/21

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For this, Druif, we co-fermented Belgian Dornfelder with one- and two-year old lambik in a 53/47 cut. We used the freshly pressed and shortly skin-macerated juice and put the unfermented juice with young lambik for continued fermentation in stainless steel. Afterwards, we blended with two-year old lambik. All lambikken originate from seven different barrels and seven different brews. The final fruit intensity is 31.6%. NL 3 Fonteinen Druif is de maceratie van druiven(most) op / de co-fermentatie van druivensap of wijn met traditionele lambik. Zonder toegevoegde sappen, siropen of zoetstoffen. Ongefilterd. Ongepasteuriseerd. FR 3 Fonteinen Druif est la macération de (moût de) raisins dans / la co-fermentation de jus de raisins ou vin avec du lambic traditionnel. Sans jus, sirops ou édulcorants ajoutés. Non filtré. Non pasteurisé. EN 3 Fonteinen Druif maceration of grape (must) on / the co-fermentation of grape juice or wine with traditional lambic. No addition of juices, syrups or artificial sweeteners. Unfiltered. Unpasteurised.

Contains Gluten,
"7.7%, 750ml"