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Drake's Gold

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Drake's Gold. The people's favourite. This fruity, fiery, sweet chilli sauce leads the pack when it comes to popularity. Here at Spice Island Chilli HQ, we believe this is down to the perfectly blended balance of unique flavour and the subtle but very apparent heat that hits you shortly afterwards. Drake's Gold so more-ish. We have heard stories from our repeat customers of a whole bottle of Drake's Gold lasting less that 3 days.

Furthermore, Drake's Gold - Habanero & Pineapple Chilli sauce has been known to convert shipmates that wouldn't usually try a 'hotter' sauce who end up absolutely loving it. This the gateway to our more adventurous sauces in the range and through customer feedback, it's our most charming sauce, just like its namesake. Drake's Gold will win you over quickly with its confident flavour, convincing heat and its many, many culinary applications. Spice Island Chilli make Drake's Gold a fruity, fiery, golden chilli sauce for your enjoyment. Try it with... Fish, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Scallops, Pork, Grilled Cheeses, Chicken, Salads, BBQ.

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