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Centurion 1744

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Our vintage, our classic, our flagship of the fleet. Spice Island Chilli brings you, Centurion 1744 - Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum. It's broadsidingly good. The combination of fresh flavours and intense heat means this sauce has many uses both as a cooking sauce, table sauce, dipping sauce and marinade.

Caribbean style at its core, the blended combination of rum and demerara completely smooths out the bitterness of the fresh scotch bonnet and creates an incredibly addictive hot sauce that never compromises on flavour.

Our hardcore crew will use Centurion like ketchup, and still get caught out when underestimating its building heat. It is the one to reach for when looking to add some culinary adventure to any dish. Centurion 1744 is a very hot chilli sauce that will spice up anything it touches. A great partner for many a kitchen victory and makes regular appearances in a range of recipes throughout it’s growing fan base. The boundaries of what you can use Centurion 1744 for really are limitless.

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